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There are so many benefits that one can gain to one’s health while playing many water sports. Certainly, one can experience a boost in one’s health to activities such as kayaking, scuba diving. We know that there is a great deal of calorie burn that one can expect to have during swimming.


However, one cannot deny that water polo does wonders for one’s health. Water polo is great in that one can expect improved physical strength as well as enhanced social skills. In this piece, we are going to break down the positive impact that water polo has on the health of an individual who decides to participate.


One benefit of playing water polo is that one will see a much-improved body with regards to toning. While playing water polo, one is constantly treading water via an eggbeater kick. Water polo enthusiasts will have to learn how to perform this technique for a long time during a game of water polo. This will require extensive use of the hips, glutes, and legs. One can expect these areas to be toned very well after a few games of water polo.


In water polo, one has to remain active and alert at all times. Therefore, water polo enthusiasts will gain improved stamina from playing this game. Water polo games are always intense. Oftentimes, participants in water polo games will have to swim from one end of the pool to the other at a quick pace. There’s no doubt that there will be improved stamina from individuals who choose to play this game.


Usually, an intense physical activity will put pressure on one’s bones and joints, especially when its played on a hard surface. This is the case with sports such as football and rugby. However, this is not the case with water polo. Due to the fact that the main playing surface is water, participants can expect less pressure and strain on the joints.


Additionally, one can expect to lose weight and experience a greater degree of calorie burn. Participants lose 700 calories on average during an hour of water polo.


Water Polo is good for one’s mental health in that it improves one’s problem-solving skills and strategic thinking.