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Richard Foster has long had a love for water polo. As an instrumental figure in the world of aquatic sports, he’s excited to start sharing some more insights & updates into the industry.

Richard Foster is a successful attorney dealing largely with professional athletes.

Richard Foster’s love and experience with water polo tell an interesting tale. As the Captain of Varsity Water Polo during his time at Long Beach State University, Richard helped lead the team to 4th place in the NCAA Championships. While not evident to him at the time, his experience in sports would turn out to be a direct foreshadowing of his future career as an attorney well versed in the world of athlete image and name protection.

He was also President of the National Governing Body for United States Water Polo, Inc. the National Governing Body for the Olympic sport of water polo from 1990-1996 and again from 2000-2006. During his time in that role, he was responsible for supervising staff members and managing a three million dollar annual budget. He was also selected to the United States Water Polo Hall of Fame and the Recipient of the U.S. Water Polo Award – the highest award presented by the U.S. Water Polo, Inc. He was also presented with the Paragon Award, a recognition of his work in the sport of water polo by the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

In addition to all of this, Richard is an accomplished author and, In 2008, Santa Monica Press published Mark Spitz: The incredible Life of an Olympic Champion, written by Richard Foster about the former competitive swimmer and nine-time Olympic champion.

Richard Foster served as Chairman of the local organizing committee for the 2004 Olympic Swim Trials in Long Beach, California.

Richard Foster is an Instructor at California State University at Long Beach where he teaches on Sports Law and Ethics in University’s Graduate Program in Sports Management.

But Richard’s connection with sports doesn’t end with his roles as an author or chairman, as he owns and operates the Law Office of Richard J. Foster, a firm that has years of dedicated experience and success representing a number of professional athletes. In fact, the 2008 Olympics in Beijing saw about 2 dozen of Richard’s clients compete in the games, and he continues to represent a large group of professional athletes.

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